The Department of the Chief Minister plays a vital role in the economic development of the Northern Territory, as well as the social development of Territorians, in a number of ways. Our primary purpose is to support the Chief Minister and government to develop a confident, growing and socially cohesive Territory. We are responsible for overseeing or coordinating major government strategies as well as positioning the Territory to achieve those priorities.

NT Legislation

NT Legislation database, legislation history database and register.

Reviews and consultations

Sacred sites review.

Strategies and plans

Balanced Environment Strategy, Economic Development Strategy, Strong Society Confident Culture Strategy, Framing the Future

Strong community

Non-government organisations, safety and security, seniors, volunteers, multi-cultural groups, youth and seniors.

Supporting Government

Protocol NT, Remuneration of Government Boards and Remuneration Tribunal, Cabinet Office and Secretariat Services, Cabinet handbook

Territory Economy

Northern Australia Development, Regional Economic Development, Major Projects, Trade and Investment

Territory's Future

Government priorities, Strategic alliances, Framing the Future

Green light for Darwin Luxury Hotel

NEWS / 3 Aug 2016

Green light for Darwin Luxury Hotel

The Northern Territory Government and Landbridge Infrastructure Group Australia signed a binding heads of agreement for the development of a luxury hotel in Darwin on 3 August 2016.

Multicultural Participation Framework 2016-19

NEWS / 21 Jun 2016

Multicultural Participation Framework 2016-19

The Northern Territory Government has released the Multicultural Participation Framework 2016-19, as part of its plan to ensure a strong, socially inclusive and cohesive society.

Shortlist announced for NT History Book Awards

NEWS / 8 Jun 2016

Shortlist announced for NT History Book Awards

An outstanding selection of books highlighting Northern Territory history has been shortlisted for the 2016 Chief Minister’s Northern Territory History Book Awards.

About the Department

The Northern Territory Department of Chief Minister is responsible for:

  • overseeing or coordinating major government strategies
  • coordinating recovery phase of an emergency
  • coordinating government responses to issues or incidents of NT security
  • promoting economic development of the Northern Territory (NT)
  • social development of Territorians
  • building and strengthening trade relationships
  • working closely with local government bodies and land councils
  • coordinating the NT’s participation in the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) and the Council of Australian Federation (CAF).

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The Department of Chief Minister also includes the:

  • Office of Multicultural Affairs
  • Office of Senior Territorians
  • Office of Youth Affairs

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