About us

The Department of the Chief Minister plays a vital role in the economic, social and environmental development of the Northern Territory (NT) to deliver outcomes for all Territorians.

It is responsible for overseeing or coordinating major government strategies as well as positioning the NT to achieve those priorities in areas such as:

  • early childhood
  • Royal Commissions and inquiries such as the Royal Commission into Youth Detention and Child Protection
  • Aboriginal Affairs
  • renewable energy
  • economic development.

The department is also responsible for:

  • strengthening Cabinet and Executive processes such as obtaining information from, and directing work to be done by, agencies on behalf of the Chief Minister and Cabinet
  • regional coordination of government policy and activities
  • security and emergency response and recovery
  • social policy
  • Statehood strategic communications and engagement
  • coordinating the recovery phase of emergencies
  • coordinating government responses to issues or incidents of NT security
  • coordinating the NT’s participation in the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) and the Council of Australian Federation (CAF).

Read more about the department's responsibilities in the Administrative Arrangements Order.

Read more about the Cabinet Office

The Cabinet Office provides secretariat services to the Northern Territory Cabinet, Executive Council and the Remuneration Tribunal.

Government House and the Office of the Administrator

Government House and the Office of the Administrator provide secretarial, hospitality, ceremonial and domestic support for the Administrator of the Northern Territory in Office and coordinates the maintenance and development of Government House buildings, grounds and equipment.

Read more about the Office of Aboriginal Affairs

The Office of Aboriginal Affairs (OAA) works in partnership with Aboriginal people and communities to deliver improved social, economic and cultural outcomes.

The office:

  • guides and coordinates Aboriginal affairs through innovative policy development
  • drives economic reform for Aboriginal communities
  • supports Aboriginal Territorians to participate in the NT economy, while supporting a connection to lands, languages and culture
  • provides an integrated and coordinated approach to service delivery, program and policy
  • development and future investment responses by government
  • builds and maintains partnerships with Aboriginal people, businesses, the private sector and non-government organisations.

Read more about Protocol NT

Protocol NT advises government on all aspects of protocol relating to ceremony, official hospitality and official visits to the Territory. The unit also coordinates arrangements for dignitary visits and manages the government VIP vehicle fleet.

Strategic plan

DCM Strategic Plan 2017-20 (264.1 kb)

Annual reports

DCM annual report 2017-2018 (2.4 mb)
DCM annual report 2016-2017 (2.0 mb)

Chief Minister

Hon Michael Gunner

Our management

Chief Executive Jodie Ryan

Organisation structure

Department of Chief Minister's organisational chart. (77.4 kb)

Last updated: 07 November 2018