Are you currently living in the Northern Territory?

Your Medicare residential address helps us plan for and deliver the services you rely on everyday such as roads, healthcare and schools.


Having a Northern Territory residential address registered with Medicare means the Northern Territory receives the correct funding to provide you with better roads, better healthcare and better schools.

The Australian Government collects 10% tax (GST) whenever you pay for goods and services.

GST funding is then distributed to State and Territories according to the number of people living there. Population estimates across Australia are based on each person’s Medicare residential address.

By providing Medicare with the correct residential address, the Northern Territory receives GST funding from the Australian Government to provide you with better roads, better healthcare and better schools.

The GST funding will go to the State or Territory where you live according to your Medicare.

If your Medicare residential address suggests you live outside the Northern Territory, the GST funding will flow to another State and fund services there, instead of supporting the ones you are using here.

You have FOUR easy ways to update your residential address:

  • Through your myGov account (steps below)
  • Download the Express Plus Medicare mobile app
  • Call Medicare general enquiries on 132 011
  • Visit your nearest Centrelink/ Medicare

Update your Medicare on myGov

  • Step 1: go to myGov and open your Medicare linked service
  • Step 2: select Personal Information from the page or the main menu
  • Step 3: update your personal information
  • Step 4: update your residential and mailing address
  • Step 5: confirm your personal information
  • Step 6: personal information updated
  • Step 7: sign out

Last updated: 03 December 2019


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