Terms and condtions - Permit number TLP1084

Medicare – are you being counted?

Competition terms & conditions - Permit number # tlp1084


  1. Information included competition material relating to ‘how to enter’ and ‘prize details’ of the competition published in any form by DCM Strategic Communications team part of these Terms & Conditions of Entry.
  2. These terms and conditions constitute the Terms and Conditions of Entry (Terms and Conditions) for the ‘Medicare – Are you being counted?’ competition (Competition) being conducted by the Strategic Communications Team of the Department of the Chief Minister (DCM) in the Northern Territory of Australia.
  3. By submitting an Entry into the Competition an Entrant is deemed to acknowledge and accept these Terms and Conditions. A non-compliant Entry will be ineligible for inclusion in each draw and to be awarded any prize. DCM reserves the right to disqualify any Entrant from the Competition if an Entry does not comply with the Terms and Conditions.
  4. The Competition is a game of chance, requiring each Entrant to use lawful and reasonable methods to check or update their Medicare details with current Northern Territory Residency details to become eligible to enter the Competition and to provide suitable proof that they are a Northern Territory Resident to be eligible to claim a prize in this Competition.
  5. Entrants must be aged 18 years or more to participate in the Competition and must be able to provide evidence of being a current resident of the Northern Territory. An Entrant who is asked to provide any proof of Northern Territory resident status must be able to do so by each means of evidence requested by DCM before any award of a prize to a winning Entrant.

  1. In these Terms and Conditions, unless the contrary intention appears, the following words and phrases have the following meanings: Competition Entry Period means the period during which the Competition is open for Entrants to enter the competition, being between 12:01 am on 1 March 2020 and 11.59 pm on 31 May 2020 inclusive.

    Competition Period means the period between 1 March 2020 and 31 May 2020, or until the last Debit Card Prize has been given to a Winning Entrant.

    Debit Card Prize means a debit card having a preloaded value of $5000.00 to be issued to a winning Entrant (subject to separate terms and conditions of use. More information is available at: https://auspost.com.au/money-insurance/prepaid-cards/everyday-mastercard).

    Entry means a validly completed and verified entry form submitted through the Website during the Competition Period.

    Entrant means a resident of the Northern Territory who has submitted an Entry in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Competition via the www.dcm.nt.gov.au website.

    Entrant Identification means documentation providing proof of the Entrant’s identity and residential address in the Northern Territory.

    Medicare Details means the Entrant’s Northern Territory Residency recorded with Medicare Australia.

    Monthly Winning Entrant means an Entrant who has their Entry selected in a particular month during the Competition Period, through the Competition lottery process, and who is able to immediately provide to DCM all relevant proof of Medicare Details and current Northern Territory residency.

    Nominees means any individual or entity nominated by DCM in connection with the conduct of the Competition.

    Northern Territory Resident means a person who resides in the Northern Territory and can provide evidence of residing in the Northern Territory through such documents as a Driver Licence, Motor Vehicle Registration, residential accommodation ownership and occupation or rental agreements being current during the Competition Period, and Northern Territory Residency will have a corresponding meaning.

    Related Persons means a spouse, de-facto spouse, parent, child, sibling, (including in-law, whether full, half, step or by adoption) of an Employee of DCM Strategic Communications Team performing any duties in the conduct of this Competition.

    PrizePool means:

    a) The total amount of AUD$15,000;

    b) Divided into three equal Debit Card Prizes with a value of $5000.00 each;

    c) One Debit Card Prize to be awarded per month during the Competition Period to a Monthly Winning Entrant.

    Website means the domain of www.dcm.nt.gov.au

  1. Employees of the DCM Strategic Communications Team responsible for the conduct and promotion of the Competition and Related Persons are not eligible to enter the Competition.
  2. Entry into the Competition is open to any other person who meets the requirements of these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Entry into the Competition will be available via the Competition website:  www.dcm.nt.gov.au during the Competition Entry Period
  4. Entry into the Competition is free, however, Entrants must bear their own costs of participating in the Competition.
  5. Entry into the Competition is subject to completion of the registration process at the www.dcm.nt.gov.au website.
  6. Each Entry must be verified by the DCM Strategic Communications Team prior to and Entrant qualifying as a Monthly Winning Entrant for delivery of a Debit Card Prize, including DCM Strategic Communications Team receiving all relevant proof of Medicare Details and current Northern Territory residency from the Entrant as specified by DCM Strategic Communications Team.

  1. The Competition will be conducted during the Competition Period.
  2. No Debit Card Prizes will be awarded to an Entrant whose Entry is received outside the Competition Entry Period.

  1. Entrants acknowledge and agree that DCM Strategic Communications Team (and the Northern Territory of Australia):
    a) accepts no responsibility for late, lost, incomplete, incorrectly submitted, delayed, illegible, corrupted or misdirected entries, claims or correspondence whether due to error, omission, alteration, tampering, deletion, theft, destruction, transmission interruption, communications failure or otherwise.

    b) have no control over communication networks or services, the Internet, or computer or telephone networks or lines and accepts no responsibility for any problems associated with them, whether due to traffic congestion, technical malfunction or otherwise; and

    c) are not liable for any consequences of defects or errors including in connection with the Competition’s automated entry process, defect in any connectivity to the Site or any device or software.

  1. An Entrant must have completed a valid registration at the http://www.dcm.nt.gov.au website and complied with these Terms and Conditions before their entry is verified. Entrants need only register once to be included in each monthly draw, and any redraw.
  2. Entrants must have a current Northern Territory address listed on their Medicare Details or update their Medicare details via the options provided by Medicare to be able to enter. Options to update are available via the Human Services website here: https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/subjects/how-your-medicare-card-and-account-work/updates-medicare-details#a1
  3. Entrants must comply with any relevant rules and legislation for updating their ‘Medicare’ details.
  4. A draw will be conducted of the 15th day of each month during the Competition Period. If that date is not a business day, the draw will be conducted on the next business day to occur. The address for the conduct of each draw will be Level 8, TIO Building, 24 Mitchell St, Darwin.
  5. An Entrant whose entry is drawn, and who subsequently is able to verify each detail for eligibility to receive a Debit Card Prize will be asked by DCM Strategic Communications team to participate in promotional activities (such as publicity and photography) surrounding this Competition. An Entrant who is eligible to receive a Debit Card Prize must provide their consent to DCM Strategic Communications team to use their name and image in promotional material before the Entrant’s information or image may be used. Without limitation, if an Entrant consents to the use of their information and image as a winner, any broadcast, filming, photography, interview or other record will be without compensation to the Entrant. Where consent is given by the Entrant, it will continue and includes circumstances where the information, image, or both, are to be reused or repeated at anytime, anywhere in the world and in perpetuity.
  6. An Entrant who receives a Debit Card Cash Prize, accepts the Debit Card and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions applied to the debit card by the issuer of the debit card, and which are available at https://auspost.com.au/money-insurance/prepaid-cards/everyday-mastercard

  1. The DCM Strategic Communications team does not require each Entrant to provide their personal information relating to the registration of their current residential address in the Northern Territory at the time of submitting their entry to the Competition.
  2. To be eligible to receive a Debit Card Prize, an Entrant whose Entry has been drawn will be contacted by DCM Strategic Communications Team about the drawing of their Entry, and must be able to immediately provide such evidence to DCM Strategic Communications Team as will be sufficient to satisfy the terms and conditions of Entry, including (but not limited to) the following:

    a)  Full name;

    b) Address;

    c) Proof of ‘current’ Medicare details; which may include:

    A. A letter from Medicare dated during the Competition Period;

    B. A screen shot/image of updated details on  https://my.gov.au/ website including the Northern Territory residential address of the Entrant entered, changed or confirmed on that website during the relevant session of access to that site;

    C. An email from Medicare or another Australian agency or authority having the ability to accept updated information for the purpose of updating details on the Medicare register confirming the Entrant’s change of address to the Northern Territory has been recorded;

    d) A current NT Driver Licence;

    e) Evidence of current occupation of residential property in the Northern Territory being either:

    i. a current Residential Tenancy Agreement for the occupation of a property in the Northern Territory which includes the Entrant as a tenant; or

    ii. ownership and occupation of a residential property in the Northern Territory by the Entrant;

    together with:

    iii. invoices for connections (for example electricity, water, gas, telecommunications) in the name of the Entrant at that residential property,

    and the DCM Strategic Communications Team will have sole responsibility to determine  whether the evidence of Northern Territory Residency together with the current Medicare details satisfies the requirements for the Entrant to receive a Debit Card Prize.

  1. Any personal information provided to DCM Strategic Communications team by an Entrant for the purpose of determining eligibility of the Entrant to receive a Debit Card Prize will be sighted and verified but not collected or stored, and not used in any other manner other than to manage and administer the Competition.
  2. Any temporary retention by DCM Strategic Communications team of any personal information provided by an Entrant will be subject to the provisions of the Information Act 2002 and IPPs while the personal information is in the possession of the DCM Strategic Communications team.
  3. The DCM Strategic Communications team will return to the Entrant, or destroy any hard copies, digital or electronic records of the evidence provided by an Entrant, as soon as practicable after determining the Entrant’s eligibility to receive a Debit Card Prize.
  4. A record of the Entrant relating to:

    a) Entry in; or

    b) eligibility to receive a Debit Card Prize from, the Competition, created by DCM Strategic Communications team (without the evidence of Northern Territory Residency provided by the Entrant), does not form part of the personal information referred to in condition 25, and is not subject to the same requirements for return to the Entrant or destruction set out in that condition.

  5. To the extent that any personal information is collected from an Entrant completing an Entry on the Website, the primary purpose of providing that information is for eligibility to enter and to receive a prize from the Competition. Use of that information by DCM Strategic Communications team will be strictly limited to that purpose.
  6. Any tax liability, fees for use, or any other associated legislative or regulatory requirement arising from the acceptance or use of a Debit Card Prize is the responsibility of the recipient Entrant. Neither DCM Strategic Communications team nor the Northern Territory of Australia will be responsible or liable for any additional costs, taxes, fees or charges incurred by the Entrant arising from the Entrant’s receipt or use of the Debit Card Prize.

  1. DCM Strategic Communications Team is responsible for:

    a) Holding and distributing the Prize Pool, including the obtaining of Debit Card Prizes;

    b) managing all publications, entries, communications and terms and conditions relating to the conduct of the Competition;

    c) the collection of each Entry for inclusion in the Competition;

    d) the drawing of Entries through the lottery procedures;

    e) the establishment of a suitable lottery panel to oversee each draw; and

    f) the verification process relating to an Entrant drawn in the lottery and their eligibility to receive a Debit Card Prize.

  2. The management of the Competition by DCM Strategic Communications Team will be subject to principles of good governance and management contained in the laws of the Northern Territory and relevant Northern Territory Government policies and procedures.
  3. Information about applicable laws, policies, procedures and principles can be obtained by contacting boundlesspossible@nt.gov.au

  1. In the event there is any complaint or dispute arising from the conduct, management of or determinations made under the Competition terms and conditions, lodged with DCM Strategic Communications team or DCM, the decision of the CEO or a Deputy CEO of DCM will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  2. The Competition is governed by the Laws of the Northern Territory of Australia. Each Entrant agrees to be bound by the Laws of the Northern Territory and to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Northern Territory to determine any dispute or claim brought before a Court of the Northern Territory.
  3. DCM Strategic Communications team reserves the absolute right and discretion to change, add to or alter any of the terms and conditions of the Competition if in the opinion of the CEO of DCM it is in the interests of the Northern Territory to make such changes to the Competition. The ability to change the terms and conditions of the Competition includes the extension of the Competition Period, adding more prizes, but does not include a reduction in the number or value of Debit Card Prizes in the specified total prize pool. Notification of each change made to the terms and conditions of Competition will be by publication of the changes on the Website and by communicating the changes to each Entrant in the Competition at that time, and each Entrant will be bound by the terms and conditions of the Competition as changed, added to or altered.
  4. These Terms and Conditions form the basis of an agreement made between DCM and all Entrants which is made and entered into in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Last updated: 08 March 2020

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