Northern Territory Risk Reduction Program


The Northern Territory Risk Reduction Program has been established under a National Partnership Agreement with the Australian Government on Disaster Risk Reduction.

The Northern Territory Risk Reduction Program aims to reduce the risks and limit the impacts of natural disasters in the Northern Territory by maximising opportunities to better understand natural disasters, enhance investment and improve governance. The initiative will deliver on the priorities, five year outcomes and 2030 goals of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework.

The NTRRP will deliver grant funding for eligible projects that deliver on the priorities outlined in the National Partnership Agreement on Disaster Risk Reduction and National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework.

Understanding disaster risk

Projects that identify risks and better understanding disaster risks to social, cultural, physical, economic and environmental domains across the NT:

  • improve awareness of, and engagement on, disaster risks and impacts in the NT
  • identify and manage data, information and resource gaps
  • reduce technical barriers to data and information sharing and availability
  • integrate plausible future scenarios into planning
  • improve access to cohesive disaster risk information and communication capabilities to deliver actionable disaster risk data and information
  • long-term and solution-driven research, innovation and knowledge practices, and disaster risk education
  • improve disclosure of disaster risk to all stakeholders.

Accountable decision making

Projects that will equip decision-makers with the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to make timely and informed decisions to reduce disaster risk and manage residual risk:

  • identify disaster risks and mitigation opportunities in the NT
  • build the capability and capacity of decision-makers to address disaster risk in policy, program and investment decisions
  • establish incentives, and address disincentives and barriers in reducing disaster risk
  • planning and development practices that help the NT adapt to rapid social, economic, environmental and cultural change
  • promote compliance with, and embed resilience requirements into relevant NT standards, codes and specifications.

Enhanced investment

Projects that pursue investment in disaster risk initiatives to minimise the cost of disasters when they occur (i.e. Build Back Better) and promote resilience:

  • pursue collaborative commercial financing options for disaster risk reduction initiatives
  • develop disaster risk reduction investment tools to provide practical guidance on investment mechanisms in the NT
  • leverage existing and future NT and Australian government programs to fund priority risk reduction measures
  • identify additional current and future potential funding streams
  • improve the accessibility, variety and uptake of insurance in the NT
  • empower Territory communities, individuals and small businesses to make informed and sustainable investments.

Governance, ownership and responsibility

Projects that support or improve emergency management governance and culture to reduce disaster risk:

  • support and enable Territory-led and owned disaster risk reduction efforts
  • incentives for improved transparency of disaster risk ownership through personal and business transactions
  • consistent reporting on disaster risk reduction efforts and outcomes in the NT
  • create clear governance pathways for pursuing disaster risk reduction projects.

2020-21 funding round

Opens: 1 August 2020

Closes: 31 August 2020

The NTRRP will provide grants to a maximum of $150,000 (GST exclusive) to eligible entities that can demonstrate project alignment to the program priorities. Increases to the maximum grant amount may be considered where the applicant provides a co-contribution.

All funding through the NTRRP is subject to a formal agreement process and terms and conditions.

For more information regarding the application process please read:

To apply

For non-government applicants go to

Government applicants should contact the NTRRP Manager via phone on 08 8946 9545 or email at

Last updated: 31 July 2020

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