How can individuals or businesses secure long term tenure in Jabiru

While the Executive director of Township Leasing cannot guarantee any offers of sub-leases prior to the commencement of the 19A lease, Jabiru Kabolkmakmen Limited (JKL) is working closely with the MoU Parties in formulating the Sub-Lease Allocation Plan to accommodate current and future residents, businesses and government agencies in Jabiru. To ensure a smooth transition for residents and businesses the development of the Sub-Lease Allocation Plan will provide for fair and equitable criteria in making decisions about allocating sub-leases and tenancies and assessing the appropriate costs.

Many businesses and residents will be offered tenancies rather than sub-leases. The availability and management of rental housing will be provided for in the Sub-Lease Allocation Plan.

JKL has an Allocation Request process in place for individuals and businesses to both confirm the accuracy of current housing usage and to request an allocation of future sub-leases or housing as part of the Sub-Lease Allocation Plan. Contact JKL for more information on the Allocation Request Form.

For costs associated with securing a sub-lease or tenancy see here.

Last updated: 21 June 2019


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