What is Jabiru Kabolkmakmen Limited (JKL)

Jabiru Kabolkmakmen Limited (JKL) is a company limited by guarantee with the NT Government through the Department of the Chief Minister and Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation as founding members.

JKL has been established to continue the work of the Jabiru Futures Office (JFO) to support the transition of all current sub leases, including residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure, to a new township lease; support detailed implementation work to help progress the repurposing of Jabiru; and investigate opportunities to facilitate social and economic benefits for Jabiru and the surrounding region.

The Jabiru Futures Office (JFO) was established and staffed to provide a point of contact for residents and businesses to obtain information about rental housing and sub-leases in Jabiru. JKL will continue the work of the JFO to assist residents and businesses throughout the transition period from current sub-leases with the Jabiru Town Development Authority (JTDA) expiring on 30 June 2021 through to the commencement of new sub-leases upon execution of a new township lease.

JKL, continuing the work of the JFO will assist the coordination of rehabilitation works required by current sub-lessees and will continue the development of the Sub-Lease Allocation Plan to provide current and future residents, businesses and government agencies in Jabiru with long term certainty of tenure.

JKL and the JFO can be contacted at jabiruleasing@bigpond.com.

Last updated: 12 June 2019


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