What role will the Executive Director of township Leasing (EDTL) play in future leasing decisions in Jabiru

The EDTL will issue and administer the new sub-leases granted under the s.19A lease. The EDTL will issue the sub-leases guided by the Sub-Lease Allocation Plan being developed by JKL in consultation with current sub-lessees and residents. The EDTL works closely with the Traditional Owners and regularly discusses land use issues and any proposed new developments in the Township.

The Office of Township Leasing (OTL) supports the EDTL and assesses applications for new developments or land use changes and negotiates future Subleases with business, government and community organisations. The OTL collects rent from those sublessees on behalf of the Traditional Owners and works actively to promote opportunities for economic development.

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Last updated: 12 June 2019


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