Missing link connects Kilgariff

A new $1 million 3.3km path extension from Old Timers to Kilgariff has been announced as part of the $174 million infrastructure investment into Central Australia.

The new project will start from the existing concrete path at Old Timers, continue past Pioneer Park and ending at Kilgariff, creating a safe travel corridor alongside the South Stuart Highway and linking up to existing pathways.

The Northern Territory Government has called for tenders to complete construction in June.

This project will be a positive addition for residents in Alice’s newest suburb of Kilgariff, and will also be of benefit to those cyclists who wish to avoid the journey riding on the Highway.

The Northern Territory Government recently called for tenders to construct an $825,000 new pathway to create a boardwalk experience connecting Stott Terrace and Tuncks Road, and investing a further $2.5M in pathways from Bradshaw Drive to the Alice Springs Desert Park linking up to the Simpsons Gap bike ride.

Aileen, Kathryn and Cathy Kilgariff
Aileen, Kathryn and Cathy Kilgariff