Enrolled nurses relieve the load on renal services

An innovative program has been introduced to help drive cost efficient and effective service delivery for the treatment of renal disease in Australia.

A review of the nursing model at the Flynn Drive Renal Dialysis Unit has created the opportunity to employ Enrolled Nurses under a training scheme to become dialysis competent.

The pilot program commenced in February with a second intake planned for May, allowing Enrolled Nurses to expand their skill base and scope of practice.

The initiative will go a long way towards meeting the renal service needs of Central Australia with greater mobility of the Renal Registered Nurse workforce across the Central Australia Health Service (CAHS).

Enrolled Nurses (L-R) Wendie Hume, Mellisa Walsh, Genevieve Smith,
Nathalie de Joffrey and Abby Conry will join the pilot program next month.

Last updated: 27 March 2018