River Gums Store drops the temperature

A remote general store in Central Australia is keeping cool with help from the Indigenous Business Development Program (IBDP).

River Gums Store is located at Three Bores Outstation in Utopia, 250 kilometres north east of Alice Springs.

Store Manager Dennis Kunoth has strong family ties in Utopia and spent many years working on pastoral stations across Central Australia before returning home in 2011 to open his own business, with support from the Department of Business. 

With $30,000 from the Indigenous Business Development Program (IBDP) the store was able to recently purchase a cool room, two-door fridge, split cycle air-conditioning, allowing the store to increase the volume of stocked fresh produce. The increased capacity means up to two weeks' worth of food can now be kept on hand, creating some resilience for the community at times when roads are flooded.

Go to the Northern Territory Government website for more information about the Indigenous Business Development Program and how it can assist your business.

River Gums Store manager Denis Kunoth.

Last updated: 27 March 2018