Sentinel Banana Plants across the Top End

The National Banana Freckle Eradication Program is currently distributing sentinel banana plants in the Greater Darwin Area.

Almost 4000 sentinel banana plants have already been distributed to more than 1500 properties in the six quarantine areas across the Top End since May 2016.

The current distribution will see a further 500 properties allocated sentinel plants with a final distribution to occur in January 2017 to properties in the Darwin area.  If you are part of the sentinel planting, you will be contacted a few weeks before with distribution dates and times.

Sentinel plants are an important step in checking that the Territory has successfully eradicated Banana Freckle.  Plant Health Inspectors have carried out over 1200 inspections of sentinel plants across the Top End to date, and will continue to inspect sentinel plants until May 2017 for any signs of banana freckle. For more information go to

Sentinel banana plants
Sentinel banana plants ready for distribution