Taking out the trash in Ngukurr

As the remote community of Ngukurr continues to grow, so do the waste management needs of its residents. To meet these needs Roper Gulf Regional Council has purchased a larger, 12 cubic metre trash compactor with Special Purpose Grant funding through the Department of Local Government and Community Services.

As the existing trash compactor neared the end of its operational life, the introduction of a new machine has literally taken a load off the shoulders of council staff during their bi-weekly bin collections.

Replacing the aging plant had been identified as a high priority that the grant had fast-tracked, allowing the Council to improve its trash collection capability, with a flow-on benefit to residents and ratepayers in Ngukurr.

The Special Purpose Grants provide an avenue for Councils to fund community infrastructure, as well as plant and equipment that will boost service delivery outcomes.

Johnny Daniels and Daniel Murrungun
Johnny Daniels and Daniel Murrungun operate the new trash compactor