Adelaide River Treatment Plant awarded for innovation

Power and Water Corporation was the proud recipient of two coveted awards at the Australian Water Association (AWA) Conference recently.

Adelaide River Treatment Plant was the recipient of the prestigious national Infrastructure Project Innovation Award for pioneering Australia’s first biological filtration system with the use of native iron and manganese eating bugs.

The project delivers safe, efficient, reliable and cost-effective drinking water to the Adelaide River community through the removal of iron and manganese and has also improved the disinfection process. The taste, colour and appearance of drinking water supplied to the community has generated a new perspective of water treatment in the Australian water industry.

Power and Water’s Eric Vanweydeveld and his team directed the project in collaboration with SUEZ and Goodline.

Demand Management Officer Cail Rayment, was honoured with the Young Water Professional of the Year award for his work on water-saving measures in remote communities in the Territory.

The Adelaide River Treatment Plant was awarded the Infrastructure Project Innovation Award