Special education facility officially opened in Palmerston

Children with high-support educational needs in the Palmerston and rural areas now have access to a special education facility with the Forrest Parade School officially opening in June.

The stand-alone facility caters for an increased demand for special education in the area and provides a flexible, secure and welcoming environment for students.

The primary focus of the school is to ensure the needs of every student are met with individual programs being delivered on literacy, numeracy, communication and self-care. All programs are tailored to meet the needs of individual students and also their families. Forrest Parade also offers exciting programs such as ‘Mind Your Paws’ which brings therapy dogs into the school every Thursday.The construction of Forrest Parade School was awarded to local company Sunbuild at a cost of $21.35 million and currently has 62 enrolments and 13 teachers.

Forrest Parade School has opened in Palmerston