Strong Society, Confident Culture Strategy

Framing the Future sets the vision for a Strong Society and Confident Culture:

  • A Strong Society that: values an individual's right to freedom and responsibility; ensures equal access to opportunities and resources to contribute to and participate in society and the economy; supports the most vulnerable; is safe for all people – safe at home, at school, in the workplace and while travelling.
  • A Confident Culture that: is proud and confident of the Northern Territory; values and celebrates diversity across backgrounds, language groups, ages, genders and religions; supports and celebrates significant occasions and events; focuses on a healthy, active and enjoyable lifestyle.

The Strong Society, Confident Culture Strategy (the Strategy) provides a framework to build on our cultural and social strengths which connect Territorians. People will feel they belong and are connected to the place where they live, and with their fellow community members. Connected communities are active, confident and resilient. Connected communities are welcoming, vibrant and adaptable.  

The aim of the Strategy is to increase Territorians involvement within our community, and foster community connections by improving the status of disadvantaged and disconnected people, preventing disadvantage or disconnection from occurring, and enhancing the engagement already in place across the Northern Territory Community.

Last updated: 26 June 2017