Framing the Future strategic plan sets out the Government’s policy that will underpin service delivery for all Territorians.

The Framing the Future strategic plan will help Government maximise the new and evolving opportunities within the Territory, Northern Australia and with our Asian neighbours.

It will also guide Government decision-making and will be a tool for Ministers and government agencies to ensure work is focused on what is important to Territorians.

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Framing the Future sets out a plan for the way forward, by focusing on four strategic goals:


An economy that:

  • creates wealth and jobs
  • is open, competitive and innovative
  • is built on exports and the needs of our trading partners
  • captures the ideas, energy and opportunities across the Territory
  • lands new local, national and international investment.

A society that:

  • values an individual’s right to freedom and ensures everyone has the same access to opportunities and resources to make a contribution to, and participate in, society and the economy
  • supports the most vulnerable
  • is safe for all - at home, at school, in the workplace and while travelling.

An environment that:

  • is sustainable
  • balances use with protection
  • is well managed, including urban design and public space.

A culture that:

  • is proud and confident of the Territory and values and celebrates the diversity of people of all backgrounds, language groups, ages, genders and religions
  • supports significant occasions and events
  • focuses on a healthy, active and enjoyable lifestyle taking advantage of the unique features the Territory offers.

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Read about the Balanced Environment Strategy Discussion Draft (812.7 kb).

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Last updated: 26 June 2017