Framing the Future

Confident culture

The government is building a culture that:

  • is proud and confident of the Territory and values and celebrates the diversity of people of all backgrounds, language groups, ages, genders and religions
  • supports significant occasions and events
  • focuses on a healthy, active and enjoyable lifestyle taking advantage of the unique features the Territory offers.

Read the Strong Society, Confident Culture Strategy (344.9 kb).

Our objectives:

Priorities and how we will make it happen

Objective 1:

A confident culture that recognises Aboriginal culture and allows all Territorians to follow their own traditions and languages through a focus on an inclusive and participative society.

  1. Aboriginal communities: promote recognition and respect for Aboriginal people, organisations, culture and language; explore the possibility of the development of a national Aboriginal cultural centre; facilitate Indigenous economic development and deliver the NT Homelands Policy.
  2. Multicultural and migrant communities: engage with multicultural and newly arrived communities in the Territory to promote access to, and participation, in cultural activities, in addition to participation on advisory committees and working groups.
  3. Happy, healthy and creative communities: provide opportunities for Territorians of all backgrounds to come together to experience different cultural heritages and traditions, to explore nature, to participate in healthy outdoor activities, to create and participate in diverse arts and cultural activities, and to support initiatives that counter racism and discrimination.

Objective 2:

A confident culture that recognises our people and our communities are significant contributors to our prosperity.

  1. Focus on all Territorians: enhance youth development and leadership opportunities; support activities that engage Senior Territorians and assist them to participate in the community; and advance the social, political and economic status of Territory women and men.
  2. Community connections: create opportunities to build supportive connections between Territorians using sport, recreation, arts and cultural events, facilities and venues; and enhance community value, use and enjoyment of Territory parks.
  3. Raise the profile and understanding of the value of arts and culture to the Territory.

Objective 3:

A confident culture that makes the most of living in the Territory.

  1. Develop and showcase the arts: support development of the arts and cultural sector and opportunities for local artists, strengthen arts and cultural institutions: develop and implement a long-term comprehensive and strategic approach to events and festivals across the Territory.
  2. Support signature arts, music and cultural events: showcase and build the Territory’s reputation for quality arts, for authentic Aboriginal cultural experiences; increase audiences and appeal to local, national and international markets.
  3. Support and strengthen events and arts and cultural priorities across the Territory: energise and build the capacity of regional and remote communities; increase access and participation in arts and culture; and raise the profile of, and employment opportunities for, artists and art workers.
  4. Enhance our sporting lifestyle: expand the range and reach of sporting events across the Territory and enhance the capacity of regional and remote communities to deliver regular and organised sporting competitions.

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Last updated: 26 June 2017